Looking for a First-Class Business Service Consultant?


AJH-Consulting is a leading business service firm. We provide full suite business services including but not limited to Bookkeeping, Tax Return Preparation, Tax Planning, SMSF Compliances, ASIC Assistance. Our unparalleled insights and practice are based on rigorous research and training. We promise to deliver the most comprehensive business services to our clients across industry.


Our teams are trained to deliver quality services, in given time frame. They have the experience to make the processes simple for achieving the ultimate goal of ease of doing business. Internal training, technology and firms culture helps our team to stay focused and see through their ultimate goals clearly.


At AJH-Consulting business owners and managers form team to handle specific tasks and setup processes to execute the core operating functions. This strategy functions on a day-to day basis to achieve operational objectives. On a regular basis the business owners study the bottlenecks in the process and redraft the strategy to upgrade the teams performance, and deliver high quality deliverables to you.

What we do for you

We understand your processes, take them over from you, and deliver the final products back to you. We make sure that your involvement in the entire process is minimal, so that you can focus on your ultimate goal of growing business.

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